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I am an award-winning print-published author but have happily jumped onto the indie publishing path. What does that mean? I'm one of those "do it yourself" ebook authors and I'm loving it!


I started my own publishing company called Grantitude Press...well, okay, it's only ME...but, what I do that's different is pick a non-profit charitable organization for each Grantitude Press ebook and donate a percentage of my royalties to a good cause. (Let me know if you have a suggestion for a non-profit organization that might tie in with upcoming ebooks!) So, just know that with every purchase of one of my GP ebooks, you are paying it forward...thank you!

And, I am just starting to transform my ebooks into print books for those who want to have that "hold a book in your hand experience" (yes, I tend to be one of those, too, but I must admit I love carrying my library on my Kindle in my purse).

So, stay tuned for print book announcements and new releases!

Lastly, here's a link to my Amazon page where you can "Look Inside" the pages of all my ebooks to see if you might like my stories!

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